Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Different Strokes, What Blows Your Skirt, I Can't Believe, Whatever

There's a new post of a bench build on one of the woodworking forums. The bench has four vises, two face vises on opposite sides, one a leg vise the other a metal face vise, and two end vises, one a wagon and the other a face type vise mounted in end vise position.  I counted over 50 dog holes set to be used with the four vises. A sliding deadman and a crochet to the left of the leg vise. In addition there are six 2"X3" holes down the middle of the bench for whatever. I can not imagine working on the bench but I expect the builder had fun planning it out.

BTW, sometime ago I posted somewhere about Swiss Army knife work benches.....I didn't have a clue, this is the penultimate Swiss Army knife bench.  

I know, I know.....all of the above in the title apply but....damn, sometimes something is so far over the top all you can do is, to quote David Bromberg's Bullfrog Blues, You just got to wonder. This time what in the hell the builder was thinking. One thing I know, I've got to learn to stay off bench building threads on the intertubes.


  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Look up penultimate - not what you apparently think.

  2. I’ve had all kinds of vice configurations on my workbench over the last thirty years. Trial and error (mainly errors). But I do find having a pair of vices a short distance apart on one side of the bench very handy for edge planing boards and other tasks. I could use a single vice and deadman instead but I like the rigidity of two vices. I could also use a clamp over the width of bench, but that would be a hassle.

  3. Hey, I never claimed to speak or write English....I speak Texas :-). BTW, I like the english meaning more when I think about it.

  4. What ever works, I prefer simpler benches, too many appliances just get in the way. A deadman is one of 'em....for long boards a bench jack and sometimes a cross clamp. That way when not needed they can be removed, but then I don't edge plane a lot of very long wide boards that need to be clamped to the bench as well as the face vise.