Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kitchen Pantry Update

It, the kitchen pantry, is getting close to finished, the joinery is done on the three sets of doors, just peg and glue the last set then finish painting the whole shebang and hang 'em. Well maybe not that close but.....

As with anything to do with fixing, changing or remodeling an older house it is a PITA, give me new construction any day. Just too much time spent scratching your ass trying to figure a way to make it fit, make it look square, and keep it from looking like a total kluge. 

I used one of the new Kikuhiromaru chisels last night to pare and fit the door tenons. It was really sweet, incredibly sharp, felt just as sharp when finished as when I started (looked that way as well), and as with most Japanese chisels very light and balanced in hand. I should have time next week to finish prepping the set or at least the ones I will use the most.  

Off to work....gotta fill the cockpit with smoke today and watch what happens. Always a fun time.

BTW Ralph, I expect it is just the normal ebb and flow. I've been doing this as a journal for a few years with times of good activity and others of little.


  1. Hi Ken,
    I haven't been doing this as long as you but in the time I've been doing it this year's ebb is a wee bit low.
    I take it that those are horns on the door frames waiting to be trimmed?

  2. Ralph,

    I agree things are a bit slow, kinda like everyone's taking a break at once. I've noticed it on the forums as well. The up side, gives me more time to do my work and takes less to do my reading :-).

    Yep, the horns are not cut, I'll fit the panels first, then cut and glue. I'm hoping to talk Pat into painting, I don't expect much luck but you don't know until you try.