Thursday, September 17, 2020

Moving Fillister

 I have a kitchen trash can to build, the sides are glued up and ready to size. So what do I do? Dig out a couple or three wood stock moving fillister planes to set up. Go figure.

Usually with old fillister planes the cutter and the wedge usually fit unless they are not original with the plane. With out fail if it is an angled cutter the angle on the iron is wrong.

I will usually reference off the cutting side and the plane's mouth with a bevel gauge and then transfer the angle to the iron with a marker. With that I can go to the grinder and correct the angle on the iron.

With this plane the wood screws are binding needing some wax and working back and forth. It is easier to do with the plane disassembled.

This is my favorite style wood stock moving fillister plane:

Some will have a nicker, it is kinda a six to a half dozen as to a knicker or not.



  1. Me too, I like the second type better. So much less to go wrong :-)


    1. Bob,

      Yep, the other is too big and too fiddly. The older I get the more simple attracts. The LV fillister is nice but it is the same, too fiddly and the fence nor the depth stop work as well as this old woodie. I use the LV often but it needs constant checking to make sure nothing has moved.