Friday, December 06, 2019

More V2K

I'm riding the V2K through Globe, AZ.

This next one isn't of riding but of the late Sam the Wonder Dog having a very good day. Sometimes it is good to go through your old photo files.

The last of today is the Big Kawi on the side of Hwy 191 between Morenci, AZ and Apine, AZ.. Hwy 191 runs from the Mexican border to Canada through the red rock area of Utah, Flaming Gorge, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and then on to Canada. The portion in AZ was once named Hwy 666, AKA the Devil's Hwy. Hwy 191 between Morenci and Alpine is maybe the best motorcycle road in the USA. It is just over 90 miles with 4000' elevation change and everything from 1st gear drag your pegs hairpins to 120mph sweepers with no traffic, not a LEO to be seen, and through one of the most beautiful parts of AZ from the desert floor to high mountain alpine . My best time running it on the Wing was a little under 1 1/2 hours. On the Wing it was dancing, on the V2K it was a wrestling match, fun but still a wrestling match.



  1. Making me want to get to the desert southwest again. So beautiful there ...

    1. Matt,

      Come on down, we are entering the best time of the year, cool to even cold nights and beautiful days.


  2. Come on up, here we are entering winter. Canada, come for the scenery, stay because your car wont start :-)