Monday, December 23, 2019

More Chair Stuff

I've started a new chair, kinda, maybe, details to be worked out. I think the seat will be Red Oak, the legs will be either Red Oak or Honey Locust and the back spindles who knows, I'll make that decision when I get there.

I split some Honey Locust leg blanks and I'm in the process of making them kinda look like chair legs. Before I go too far I'll also split out some Red Oak leg blanks to see which I like better.

BTW, I don't know if anyone else feels this way but Honey Locust is an absolute miserable wood to work. It is very hard and brittle but if you can get to the finished product it can be very attractive.

I've been looking at photos of some early stick chairs and for some time I've wanted to make a little more true to  the early chairs chair. We will see how it goes, it may be a keeper but just as likely firewood.

MsBubba had her best BDay ever, at least as she tells me. Then the next day we both hit a wall. I've got a upper respiratory allergy thing going and then this afternoon went into AFib. MsBubba's BP went through the roof so not much is getting done in Casa Chaos other than two Old Farts feeling sorry for themselves and a little time on the shave horse.



  1. I hope the two of you are feeling better for xmas. Don't forget to leave some milk and cookies out for Santa.

  2. Ralph,

    Thanks, we will get over it but what a PITA.

    I'll spend a little time in the shop today. I hope to glue up the seat blank and split the Red Oak leg blanks and of course sharpen a little iron :-).

    I Hope you and yours have a great holiday. BTW, it is cold (for Tucson) and raining here which is the major reason we didn't go to Mexico for a few days. Cold and raining isn't great beach WX.


  3. Get well soon, its Christmas donchuknow :-)

    1. Thanks Bob,

      The allergy gods may have a calendar but they have no respect for days :-). I went through this last year but a couple weeks later. My guess is it is Desert Bloom.