Sunday, December 15, 2019

Last of The Old Photos

This is the last of the trip down memory lane for awhile. The first is of Andy and the GIV.  I first titled it as being at FL410. With a quick look at the instrument gauges I can see it is before start and soon to be at FL410. My guess is I took the photo as I was getting ready to strap the IV to my butt. Seems I use to spend a lot of my life at or above FL410. The good news I flew airplanes that could operate at those altitudes. WX was usually a lot better once you were out of the 30's.

The GIV on the Ramp. I'm not sure where but it could be Beijing, London or Vegas.

I spent many years in the Houston Art community. For awhile I was on the Board of Directors and ran The Houston Center for Photography's annual print auction as well as installing many of its shows.  Life among the "cheese eaters" was interesting and a lot of fun.

A group of photographers waiting for their work to be critiqued.

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