Thursday, December 26, 2019

Chair Stock Prep

The Red Oak seat blank is in glue up: 

And I split out eight leg blanks:

The shop is cold so I will let the seat stay in the clamps for at least 24 hours.

The leg blanks are ready to be shaped,  The grain is so straight I'm tempted to either put 'em in the lathe and turn 'em or use the band saw jig to make octagon legs vs. the draw knife for a more organic shape. This may take a little butt scratching to decide. Can't rush into things, dontchknow.

Meanwhile back to food: My post on Gumbo got me to thinking about Creole vs. Cajun.  Both were developed at the same time in the same part of the country by much the same people and many dishes share the same name but are very different. Because Creole is New Orleans food it is best known. Cajun was and is mostly country food and tends to be simpler. If you are presented a plate or bowl of Louisiana food and wonder if it is Creole or Cajun ask one simple question: Does it have tomatoes in it, if it does it is likely Creole, if not you can bet it is Cajun.

BTW, if you can't tell, I love Cajun food, a trip to South Louisiana is something a food lover owes his or her self. Just typing this made me start dreaming of a Chris' shrimp or oyster Po'boy or even better pulling a few links of Boudin off the grill.


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