Saturday, December 07, 2019

More Motorcycle

In a previous post I mentioned driving MsBubba to the PNW and then riding the bike home leaving her and the truck to enjoy Oregon. Here is a photo of loading the Wing on the truck, riding her up or down the ramp was shall I say interesting. The photo has little interest other than a record.

If you ride, you owe it to your self to go to at least one motorcycle rally. It is kinda like reading the National Enquirer or going to Las Vegas, you should do it at least once. I've been to a few, even made Sturgis for its 69th happening but one of the best is ROT (The Republic Of Texas) rally held in Austin, TX the first weekend of June. Up to 300,000 born to be mild accountants, middle managers, a few hard core bikers, and their wife and girlfriends living out their fantasies. You have to see it to believe it. From the 2011 ROT.

Here is one of a happy fellow, no bugs in my teeth but a few on the helmet.

Last for the day, I did very little group riding, I'd tell friends to go on and I would catch up with them at the cafe for lunch. Here is one of the few riding between Tucson and Nogales.



  1. Cool, keep them coming.

    Bob, rubbing Rudy ears

  2. Bob,


    We will get back to regularly scheduled programing soon but there may be a few more bike photos coming, you know how it is once you get an OF talking about "back in the day".


  3. I wouldn't know but I heard from a very close source that we can sort of ramble on :-)
    I don't live in the past but relish my memories. Of which I came across a few recently in our melding of two households.

    Bob, still sorting, tossing, derusting, and etc

  4. Bob,

    This morning I worked with a Canadian National Defense crew and will work with a different crew tomorrow. As always they are very good pilots.

    Yep, I try to live today but get me started, you know the rest.


  5. 412 Sqn im guessing. They are the boys flying our VIPs challenger.

    there I was 2 turning 1 burning :-)