Thursday, December 12, 2019

More Motorcycle And Other Stuff

I'm still going through my photo files and I'm going to dump a few more to the blog. First some more motorcycle photos.

Outside Winkelman, AZ cleaning bugs off the V2K:

 Sweet Maggie Dog wanted to go for a ride:

Going over Lolo Pass on Hwy 12 on a cold and wet day:

On to a few aviation related photos. Our little Piper Pacer born in the same year as MsBubba. What a sweet little airplane and at the time one of the nicest Pacers in the states. After the move to Arizona we sold it because there were no longer grass strips next to the ocean to land on nor whales to watch from the air.

The Ugly Dude and crew including MsBubba at FL410 headed south. BTW we were breaking FAR's because either myself or Arturo should have a O2 mask on.

I flew for the UN mission in Khartoum, Sudan back in late 2000. This of our driver Isam:


I also flew for the UN mission in Afghanistan. This is a photo of the kitchen, cook, and station manager in the crew house.

 The cockpit of a Russian aircraft some place in Africa.

And last for today, A large pressure cooker with motorcycle battery IED found on the Kabul airport.



  1. I just checked the photos and some are from thumbnails, sorry about that. When I get the chance they will be replaced with correctly sized images.


  2. Ah good, I was wondering why.
    Neat trip back in time. I see you had an interesting life.


    1. Bob,

      Thanks to aviation, a Mother that read Dr. Spock and a Father that lived bigger than life, this dumb old West Texas farm boy had an unbelievable life. That's one of the reasons I still instruct, to try to payback the industry that did so much for me.


  3. All the photos except the Lolo Pass image have been updated to normal size. I'm still looking for the original of Lolo Pass.