Saturday, December 21, 2019

More Chair Jig

I made a couple of 25 degree and 13 degree wedges for the jig. While I haven't drilled a mortise using the wedges yet the jig feels solid.

Next is making a seat blank so I can give the jig a go. When all is said and done, I may just go back to lining everything up with squares and bevel gauges and using a brace but I wanted to try the jig. More when I know more. 

MsBubba's women's group has a holiday "cookie exchange" and pot luck lunch this afternoon. While MsBubba has many strong points and abilities the kitchen isn't one of them. This year I've made a couple of batches of peanut brittle for the cookie exchange and "leather" baked potatoes for the lunch. The peanut brittle is dangerous. You can't eat just one piece, she is lucky there was some left to exchange­čĹ╝. 



  1. How much was left to exchange?

    1. Ralph,

      Just enough :-). I made four batches and I expect I ate almost two in the process. Costco usually has peanut brittle this time of year but so far no joy. That's the bad news, the good is it is very easy to make and is as good or better.

      Hope your B-day went well, we are doing MsBubba's as I type. New Airpod Pro from me, socks from the kids, and I expect a walk in the mountains later today followed by drinks and a fire on the patio tonight. It is her day.


  2. Happy belated birthday Ms Bubba. Ralph was 19, myself 20 and her 21, cool :-)