Sunday, June 09, 2019

More Bench

There are four legs and two long stretchers in that pile. After ripping them from the 12/4 slabs I'd had enough heavy lifting for the day. Tomorrow, while it is still cool, I'll cut everything to rough length and true with the machines. Once everything is true the heavy lifting for the base is done. The marking out will go pretty fast because I've done it enough times I expect little head scratching and I hope few mistakes.

One of the nice things about this Will Myers designed Moravian bench is he stayed true to the original. When I built the first one I didn't appreciate how perfect each joint was for its intended use. There are three different type joints in each base unit, each of the joints is the simplest and easiest to make and yet do the needed job. Only after building a couple more did the light bulb turn on and I realized just how smart the design was.



  1. Where is this bench going? Second question - what type of wood is the 1/24 slab?

  2. Ralph,

    Not a clue. Once finished I'll decide or maybe if someone wants to buy they will decide or I could store it next to the other one that is apart and stored or I might give it away. Like I said, not a clue, I just had a bench building jones mostly because I wanted to try Lake Erie's new 2X screw.

    The 12/4 wood is Poplar. The base will be Poplar and unless I can find a 12/4 board that is wide enough the slab will be laminated Beech. The chop 8/4 whatever, Beech, Oak, Maple, just something that is wide enough and kinda hard.


  3. I think that having a bench building jones is a very noble thing.

    And building an extra workbench never hurt anyone :-)


    1. Jonas,

      I can get away with it right now because MsBubba is off running around the PNW with the girl child, her hubby, and Levi. Adult supervision returns Wednesday.