Friday, June 14, 2019

Japanese Knives

I received three knives from Stan Covington yesterday. The top knife is for cutting thin slices of fish when you are making sushi, the middle is a vegetable knife and the bottom is a heavy duty knife that is used in Japan to break down whole fish.

Japanese knives are a joy to use. They can be incredibly sharp, well balanced, and purpose made. These three join the other three Japanese knives in my knife block and I expect will see lots of use. Training MsBubba in the use and caring may be interesting although she has shown an interest and willingness after her first use. The light balance and sharpness is a pretty good salesman.

Stan is a treasure. He has lived and worked in Japan for years and knows many of the working blacksmiths. Not only that, he is a willing sharer of his tool knowledge which is also extensive. Long way around to if you would like to buy Japanese tools Stan is the man. See link above.

As anyone that has seen photos of my shop knows, I have no need for more chisels. But as with most things tools, what does need have to do with it? Stan and I are working on a small order of chisels, I expect six or eight to start with more to follow as I figure out which gaps in my Japanese chisels need filling.

Posts and photos to follow,


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