Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Bench Base Scut Work Done

If you have a good imagination and squint a bit you can almost see a Moravian Bench base.

With the milling scut work finished the rest of the base is pretty easy with little wrestling of heavy timber. Six joints plus four for the long stretchers and chopping four mortises for the keys. This bench is a sheet of cake to built.

The next heavy work is the slab, and that is to be decided as I look for wood. I can always fall back on laminating the slab out of 8/4 Beech if I can't find a 12/4 whatever that is wide enough.

Mark out of the base units is next. That may wait until tonight or tomorrow morning, the shop is getting a little hot to work in. The desert is a wonderful place to live but afternoons are best spent in the pool and/or napping.



  1. Pool and or napping, hum tough decisions :-)
    Ok so I squinted and... Looking good !

    Bob, with a updated vaccinated Rudy with a clean bill of health

    1. Bob,

      Life is tough here in the desert :-). I had to run the streets this afternoon, pick up meds and go by Home Depot, the truck's thermometer read 107* F. As I've said before I do OK up to 105*F after that I'm looking for shade and cool spot.

      Good on Rudy,


  2. You should be able to knock this out in your sleep.

  3. Ralph,

    LOL, not as much butt scratching as the first time but there are still places where it is easy to brain fart. I didn't have time to markout yesterday, spent day cleaning up the mess from two weeks of the critters and I being unsupervised. I have to work this morning and by the time I'm home it will be too hot. I hope to markout Friday if I can dodge MsBubba"s line of sight during the cool of morning. BTW, I woke early today and have been reviewing the markout, it is easy to mark the wrong side BTDT.