Friday, August 23, 2019

Cleaning Up The Slab

On to the scut work. Cleaning up the slab is not the most fun part of the build, I may get it close and then run the slab through the planer to finish. To be decided depending on how my arms and back hold up.

Some of the cross grain work has been done with the old reliable Stanley #5 with a "Jack" sharpened cutter. For the end to end work I'm using a Philly Plane single iron Razee Jack. Wood stock planes are lighter and do not require as much "waxing" of the sole vs. metal body planes. For this kind of work single iron vs. double iron makes no never mind.

I'm guessing MsBubba is cool with the portable bench being on the back patio. She has commandeered the far end of the bench for some of her ceramic work.  BTW, the bench is rock solid, not a wiggle with either heavy cross grain or end to end planning.

Have I ever mentioned that everyone needs a portable Moravian bench? 😇



  1. No you haven't Ken, please elucidate me the benefits of said such bench.

  2. No you haven't Ken. Please elucidate me on the benefits of said bench.

  3. Ralph,

    In case I haven't mentioned it before, the little bench brakes down and can be put back together in less than 5 minutes and stores in less than 3 square feet :-). I swear I thought I'd said something about it before, I must be getting old and feeble minded :-).

    The Slab is finished, I'm still doing a little clean up on the base units. Tomorrow I have to give a check ride in the AM after finishing I'll start the tool tray.


  4. Sorry about the double comment. The first time I entered it I got an error saying it wasn't available.
    I was surprised to read that you were cleaning the ends with a plane first rather than sawing it square first. I'm not sure that I would need a knock down cab-ability with a workbench.