Thursday, August 29, 2019

Moving Stuff

In the never ending quest to fit 10 lbs into a 5 lb box and needing to find a place for the new workbench MsBubba and I moved a few things around in the shop this morning.

The table saw was moved closer to the jointer and the French/English bench was moved next to the West wall where it can become a flat surface to store "stuff". The new Moravian bench is now where the old French/English bench was before it give up its place.

I expect sometime in the next few days I'll post a for sale notice for both the old French/English and the new Moravian bench. I need the room.



  1. Anonymous3:52 AM

    So, you changed your mind (Monday, July 22, 2019 Why You Need More Than One Workbench)
    Note that, while keeping one side of the leg-frame clamped in the vise, you could have used, for additional support/ prevent rotation, the trick you used here (Monday, April 27, 2015 Bath Vanity Update) instead of a hold-fast in the apron.
    Of course, it is also possible to add a dead-man to the Moravian.
    In the video, it seems the leg vise doesn't need the extra clamping to secure the leg-frame (no rotation possible as with the quick release vise).

    1. Sylvain,

      Good memory! Not necessarily a change of mind, I still need two benches but I want a smaller bench that does not take up as much room as the big French/English bench. The apron can be replaced with either a bench jack or a deadman. I'm leaning towards a bench jack because the need isn't that great with the new leg vises and the bench jack can be stored when not in use where the deadman tends to get in the way. Like I have posted before I like a simple bench with few things to get in the way.

      I still have the supports I used with the bath vanity and every once in awhile they are the best option. But like the video shows, the two "leg" vises do not often need the extra help. The new BC vise even more so than the, I know hearsay I never thought a metal screw would hold as well as a wood screw, old Lake Erie wood screw. When the BC vise clamps down that sucker is clamped. You can pick the bench up off the floor using what is clamped and it will not move.