Thursday, August 01, 2019

Bench Base Together

The key mortises are finished, keys made, and everything fitted. It went together easily so now on the the slab and vise fitting.

The bench is in the back garden so I have room to work on it, currently the shop is full 😊. BTW, in the background is the first woodworking bench I made many years ago. I expect if it were needed I could hang a vise or two on it and it would still function.



  1. have you picked your choice for the leg vise yet?

    1. Ralph,

      Busted :-).

      I have both types here and I'm still dithering. I expect I will put the BC vise on this bench and if I like it do the same to my shop bench. Then again it is a quick install and if I install the BC vise on the shop bench and like it then I can get another for the new bench. Like I said I'm dithering.

      I can't find a suitable one piece slab so the slab looks like it will be a glue up and I can't start vise install until the slab is done so I have plenty of time for more dithering. I may install the BC vise on the shop bench while the slab is being made just to give it a go.