Friday, August 09, 2019

Checking Bench Slab For Wind

The slab is out of the clamps and bottoms up on the French/English bench so I can clean up the contact areas of the slab and correct any wind.

Cleaned up the part of the slab that will set on the base and checked for wind.

It looks pretty good with no wind. I'll do a light clean up of the glue lines before attaching the slab to the base.

Next is finishing the vise. I finally settled on using the BenchCrafted Classic screw and 14" crisscross. The vise should go fairly quickly if the heat or MsBubba's line of sight do not get me.

Once the vise is mounted I'll make a quick and dirty tool tray and the fat lady can sing.  


  1. Steve D7:46 AM

    How much would you say that slab weighs? It looks pretty massive. Strong enough to support making an even thicker one.

    Looks like just a touch of wind up on the far left...

  2. Steve,

    Some place between 70 to 120 lbs. My guess close to 120 lbs. The base is strong enough to support a heavier slab but there is no need for more weight or thickness. The bench is amazingly stable even with a slab that weighs half as much as this one. Folks have been sold the sizzle of Roubo benches and thicker is better. It ain't necessarily so, the steak of good design works just as well.

    You could be correct but I expect it is camera angle. I'll check another time before moving the slab.