Thursday, August 08, 2019

Bench Final Glue Up

Other than the tool tray, joining the two halves of the slab is the final glue up on this bench build.

Once that sucker is out of the clamps I'll clean up the bottom where it sets on the base and correct for any wind. I checked the base for wind yesterday and it is dead nuts true.

There will be a series of taking the slab on and off to mount the slab plus the vise assembly. I wish I looked more like Conan that Mr. Peepers.

The vise is also coming along. The chop came out the clamps this morning and I have completed the vise backer mortise. The vise still need the chop mortise and the holes for the screw drilled. Once those are done there will be several cycles of slab on and off to mount the vise. Bottom line this bench is close to the short rows.



  1. How is the alignment between the individual slab pieces? Is there a lot of wood to knock down?

  2. Ralph,

    No, very little. The slats are well alined. that's the reason to glue up in stages. You can clamp each glue line all the way down the glue up except for this last one and it has a clamp at each end and it stays very close. There will be some flatting once out of the clamps but mostly on the top. On the bottom I will just knock off the glue squeeze out and flatten and true for wind the area in contact with the base.

    I'll take the clamps off in the morning and will know for sure then but just looking at and feeling it now it looks good.


  3. Anonymous6:42 AM

    "On the bottom I will [...] true for wind the area in contact with the base."
    This is something I failed to do correctly before gluing the front apron to the bench-top (Paul Sellers bench). Then the combination apron + top resist any twisting (which is nice). I had to put a shim somewhere between one leg-frame and the top to get the four feet on the ground (the leg-frames are screwed to the top).

  4. Sylvain,

    It is easy to overlook. With this design it is also easy to do because the contact area is so small. Shims are your friend :-). I use them often, mostly because my floors are not level.