Monday, August 05, 2019

More Moravian Bench

Using the first set of two slats as a "backbone" I added two slats to each side giving a four slat set. The four slat set is half of the slab. Next is doing the same to the other two slat set and once that set is out of the clamps I'll join the two four slat sets to complete the slab.

When the slab comes out of glue up I'll clean up the bottom where it sets on the base unit and take care of any wind. I'll wait to clean up the top until the slab is installed.

While gluing up the slab I've started making the vise. First up is the vise backer board, here it is marked up:

As always, click'em to big'em.

The vertical parallel markings are for the crisscross groove, the circle is where the screw nut goes. The angled vertical marking is where the backer board fits to the front leg and the top and bottom horizontal markings are for the tenons that hold the vise backer board in place. 

Things are moving fairly quickly now, it will not be long before this pile of wood looks like a bench.


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