Saturday, March 01, 2014

Skunk Table

The Side Table is out of the clamps. After clamping up last night my attention turned to figuring out a top. As I looked around the shop and at the wood stack a Cherry panel stuck next to the bench caught my eye. I had glued the panel up months ago for a failed project, the rest of the project had been recycled into other uses but the panel had just sat there. Hummm....I said to self, that might work, a quick check with the tape and the panel was just big enough in length with a little to spare in width.

I cut it to size and beveled the edges last night. This morning I pulled the base out of the clamps and placed the panel on top. The Skunk Table was born. Jury is out, tops are easy to make and change, I think I will live with this one for awhile, maybe make a couple other panels just to see which I like but......for now it is the Skunk Table.


  1. "3:12 AM"

    Thanks Ralph, I thought I was the only one up at O'Dark Thirty most mornings. I figure if I can't sleep might as well piddle in the shop.

    This was a fun and quick build, Pat asked for three tables and as I've been accused of everything going into the shop and nothing coming out the first needed to be fast, so no drawers or other elements. Just four legs, four rails and a top.

    I oiled it with Tried and True when I came home from work tonight. The Sapele and Cherry really pop once the oil is applied, After this coat dries there will be another coat and then wax. photos will follow.