Friday, March 07, 2014

More on Pig Stickers

I know broken record and all that rot but....for mortices deeper than 25mm on one off work there ain't nothing that does 'em better nor faster than a pig sticker. I'll use bench chisels for shallow mortises and they work fine but once they go much deeper than about 15mm it's a pig sticker.

The ones I chopped last night were all over 30mm, had eight to chop and all were finished in much less than an hour, and I'm a slow worker, need my tea don't ch know. Once in the mortice, depending on the wood, I can remove a chip 3 to 4mm X 25 to 30mm with out working hard. A couple or three taps, a push against the bevel to remove the chip and on to the next chop. Doesn't take long and best of all no set up other than marking and putting the mortise appliance in the vise.

Anyway, cut to the chase.....I chopped the mortises for the second of the three side tables last night. I'll dig out whatever is going to be the rails after work tonight and unless MsOK has other plans for me I should have a table by Monday....Anyone want to make a bet.


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Hi Mr OK, what is the purpose of the "mortise appliance"? Is there something out of the picture?

  2. It's just an 'L" shaped chunk of scrap that provides an easy way to clamp the object of your chisel's affection to the bench. You can see part of it in the photo, the light colored wood clamped in the leg vise. I'll post a photo tomorrow where you can see how it is used.