Saturday, March 15, 2014

House Keeping

I found a Red Oak board that was perfect size for the side table , it is in the clamps soon to be removed.

I went back to the metal vise yesterday, hung it outside the legs. The leg vise looks right and the metal vise is butt ugly and I like the way the leg vise works but.....damn there is always a but, my hands are no longer as strong as they once were and with the wheel on the leg vise is just too hard to get the leg vise tight or loose. I've been trying to find a "Johnson bar" attachment that will fit the vise screw but no joy so far.

The change of the vise caused the bench planning stop to be in the way, so it needed to be removed. I found a couple of knobs with 3/8" studs to make an adjustable planning stop. I drilled a couple of 15/16" holes in the left end of the bench, tapped 'em with a 3/8" 16 tap, chopped a couple of 45 degree channels in a piece of scrap Oak and now my planning stop is out of the way, on the end of the bench and adjustable.

If I can stay out of MsOK's radar range tomorrow, I have some very nice 8/4 beech for an upcoming project, there is enough for me to cut off one edge for making a few planes. By tomorrow night I may have a new wood stock smoother and jack.

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