Monday, March 10, 2014

Second Table

When you are older than dirt sleep does not come easy.

I had social duties this weekend which limited shop time, almost zero Saturday because we were having folks over for dinner. Sunday was a little better because we were the dinner guests but bottom line, not much time either day. Here's where being an OF has its benefits, just before 01:00 my eyes popped open, I looked over at MsOK, she was watching a movie on her iPad. I have a 12:00 show today, plenty of time I might as well go to the shop.

I had finished fitting one of the tenons Sunday just before the command performance and had seven more waiting for me. Things are going well, the tenons are fitting off the saw, unless I screw up one of the remaining two (finally getting around to my first cup of coffee) the table could be clamp ready before work today. I doubt it will, I can always find something to distract but.....

Here is one of the Sycamore aprons ready to saw off the tenon cheeks:

Ready to fit:

I would like to give Lee Valley a shout out. A couple three months ago they came out with a set of large tenon saws with a introductory price of $75 USD each if you ordered both the Rip and Crosscut. Being a sucker for saws I ordered the set. I've saws that cost three, four times as much that do not saw as well. They are really good saws, I doubt you could find better at any price point. BTW, it's the same story with their smaller saws as well, I find I reach for the Carcass and/or one of the dovetail saws most of the time, leaving the "better" saws in the till.

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