Sunday, March 02, 2014

Finished Table

I've oiled and waxed the Skunk Table and it is in the house for MsOK's approval. Now the question is does it remain in the house, go to either the girl or boy child,  friends, or Goodwill. Whichever, I expect there are few things that give the satisfaction of making something using traditional methods and materials that with care should last for centuries. Knowing the joinery is sound and tested, the design while breaking no new ground is also good. This is the time of sitting and looking, knowing mistakes were made but seeing they were not fatal. People that do not make things can not know this peace.


  1. I like your table. I had to look at it twice before I realized that the apron is rounded at the bottom.

  2. Ralph,

    I wanted a substantial apron for strength because I didn't want to have stretchers. A straight apron of that size would be clunky yet too much curve would have changed the look I wanted. If you had to look twice to notice it I may have hit the sweet spot....the test is living with it for awhile.

    Thanks for looking,