Sunday, March 16, 2014

Second Table Update

It's finished, in the sitting room, and MsOK has given a thumbs up so I guess it will hang around for awhile. The kids and/or Goodwill dodged another one.

I finished the base, Cherry and Sycamore, with Tried & True and rubbed out with Staples Crystal Clear Wax. The Red Oak top also with Tried & True but rubbed out with Staples Dark Brown Wax. The Staples Dark Brown Wax over Tried & True has become my favorite finish for Red Oak.

With the top attached the table looks better, still not my favorite but it doesn't make me want to take an axe to it. At least not today.

On to making a couple wood stock planes and roughing out the wood for the third table. That plus walking the large, hairy, smelly, critters and a Woodcraft visit for morning coffee should finish my one day off this week. Monday starts another week of Groundhog Days.

BTW, there ain't nothing like a couple critters to bring joy into your life even if they are large, hairy and smelly or maybe it is because they are. Sweet Maggie Dog is my shop dog, Sam the Wonder Dog is a little bit of a wuss and just stands at the door peeking in hoping for a raw hide bone.

Sweet Maggie Dog:


  1. Hi Ken,
    do you fill the pores of the oak at all? I've never used your finish - does it fill the pores at all?

  2. Ralph,

    Not like a sealer, but the dark wax does fill in the pores with wax. Because the wax is dark it makes the grain "pop". Try it on some scrap. BTW I tried several different "Dark Brown" waxes before setting on the Staples, some stain the wood more than I like. If you decide to try a colored wax, try several to find one that works for you.