Friday, March 14, 2014

Glue Up

I did a little better planning with this table and made sure there was enough "meat" on the legs to draw bore the tenons. It sure makes glue up time easier, a little glue, a whole lot of glue, who cares. No hurry to get it in the clamps, just do a joint, drive the peg into the draw bore, go to the next one. When you have run out of holes to peg stand it up and check for square. As you can see from the clamp it was about 4mm out across the diagonals. Pull it square and walk away. The joints on that sucker will not fail, tight tenons, loose tenons, hide glue, yellow glue, makes no never mind she is locked together.

I let the boss pick, dark top, light top. She picked dark top. Then it was Cherry or Sapele. Looks like the second table will have a Cherry top. Of course the needed Cherry board is about half way down the middle stack of wood. I'll deal with it once back from work.

I used both wood and metal planes to finish the legs. Irons in each were freshly sharpened and chip breakers set the same. I used the metal planes to remove the bulk and wood stock planes to finish. Taking the same shavings, the wood stock planes will leave a much smoother surface, almost slick, not a clue why but they do.

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