Friday, February 28, 2014

Making Progress

Making progress on the side table. I like the design, simple but should be strong. The added curves lighten the look so it isn't too clunky. I still haven't decided on the top, I may make up a couple or three and pick one after living with it.

There is a wood sale at our local Woodcraft Saturday, Joe brings in truck loads of wood from Ohio a couple of times a year, his lumber is rough cut and true size and usually the price is fair. I'm low on Maple and Cherry and I think there is only one small chunk of Walnut in the stacks. I expect to be slightly poorer Sunday.

I'm in the middle of my annual training at work, what a PITA. This is inside baseball but the FAA has changed and added to the training requirements (so what's new, they are always changing the training requirements) and in addition to training my line I'm attending my own G.S. and Sim training. It's really ugly, I'm old, blind, can't hear, and I think at the speed of the company computers. Oh well, by next week it will be over and I will not have to do it again until this time next year.  

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