Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cleaning Out the Shop

Many years ago life got in the way of woodworking and I closed down the shop. A very good friend rescued my tools and stored them for many years. When I semi-retired several years ago I made a trip to Texas to retrieve my tools with plans to set up a hand tool shop with just a band saw as my only machine.  At the same time we were talking about re-doing the kitchen, I didn't like any of the Big Box options and in a moment of insanity I said I would do the kitchen re-do. With that the hand tool shop went out the window and over a few months I set up a complete machine wood shop.

I've been in the process of clearing out the shop and returning to the original concept but keeping the jointer and planer. All that is a long way around to posting I have a few tools to sell:

First up is a WoodRat with Mortice Rail, I think I have over a $1000 USD in it, first $400 USD plus shipping and it is gone. There are also all the router bits needed to build kitchen cabinets plus a few, all Freud with a few Whiteside. All lightly used (one small kitchen build). A quick estimate is also well over a $1000 USD of 1/2" bits, I would like to sell the lot together and will do an inventory with photos if anyone is interested. BTW, I have several 1/2" routers if you need something to drive the bits.

A bad photo of the WoodRat:

I you have any interest in these tools or any other, leave a comment and I will figure out a way to make it happen.

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