Thursday, November 02, 2017

Wood Pile Moved

What a PITA but whatever the wood pile has been cleaned out and good wood moved to its new home and scrap wood moved to outside storage while it waits burning.  The next question is, can I hold myself to no scrap wood or cutoffs inside the shop. That's the question.

You can't see it in the photo but with the wood storage change it has allowed the table saw to be moved almost two feet to the left and the planer moved a foot to the left opening up each to better usability.  Sometimes, not often, moving stuff can make the ten pounds in a 5 pound bag change to nine pounds.

In addition to humping wood around, MsBubba and I painted the back half of the house day before yesterday. I have a pro grade airless which takes the pain out of applying paint but the the rest of it, all that goes with using the airless is where the real work is. We will do the front half this coming Spring. After that never again, I'm hiring it done.


  1. Two questions for you Ken
    1 what is the predominate wood in the pile?
    2 Do you have any problems with the Osborne miter gauge staying square?

  2. Ralph,

    Mostly domestic hardwood, Cherry, Red and White Oak. a little Walnut, and Poplar. There is also a little Sepele and one hunk of Ebony.

    Once set the Osborne will hold its setting but it is a PITA to true. I like the stop and it is easy to use so it is my go to for 90 degree cuts. For angled cuts I use a Incra 1000.


  3. Thanks Andy, now the question is can I maintain the discipline to keep it that way. I wouldn't take bets on it :-), But for now the rule is no scrap or cutoffs stay in the shop at the end of the day.

    We will see,


  4. Light work the Doc said, Ill just move a pile of lumber and heavy nachinery...
    Ouch, watch out Ms Bubba, save your back :-)

    Good luck with your new rule. I have tried a few times, not working for me, Im a wood hoarder, overdue for a clean up...

    Bob, collecting wood like a Chipmunk collects nuts. Wonder who is the biggest nuts ? :-)