Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tormek SE-77

Tormek has improved the SE-76 jig. The old SE-76 worked well but if for any reason your cutter did not grind square there was no adjustment to square the grind. The new SE-77 addresses that problem and brings in additional capabilities such as grinding cambers and makes it easier to grind irons with out of square sides like some older chisel and plane irons, and it can hold many Japanese chisels as well.

By adjusting two outside screws you can adjust the grind to square but even better if you loosen the two screws you can grind a camber on the cutter. How much camber depends on how much you back off each screw. With the screws fully backed off it will not grind a scrub plane camber but does a very nice Jack plane camber and with a slight back off of each screw you can grind to a perfect camber for finish planes.

The SE-77 jig combined with a 10' CBN wheel makes me want to keep my Tormek.

Here is a photo of a max camber iron using the SE-77 jig.



  1. Sound like a nice piece of kit, but what does it look like??

    Bob, clueless :-)

  2. Bob, it's a top clamping guide w/ a positive stop for (approximately) square and a center line for applying cambers. So, you can place the blade in one of two positions. I mention "approximately square" because a lot of factors can cause the grind to be very slightly out of square. There's a whole section on the tormek forums where people are breaking down the math/physics required to get a perfectly straight grind and what factors have to be accounted for!

    1. Thanks Scott,

      Good answer, I'll have to take a look at some of the Tormek forums.


  3. Bob,

    Here is a link to David Charlesworth using the SE-77 ( ). One of the problems with using the Tormek grinder was the SE-76, as Scott mentioned, held the blade approximately square and there was no easy way to adjust to square. The SE-77 fixes that problem in addition to adding other capabilities.


  4. Ah!now i get it, Thanks Scott and Ken
    Nifty piece of kit, wonder what took them so long?? :-)

    Bob, back from another successful chocolatte run :-)