Saturday, October 28, 2017

Moving Wood

I'm in the process of moving my wood pile. Most of the wood will go outside and will be covered with tin roofing panels. This has been coming for awhile, my "good" lumber is always covered with cutoffs and when it comes time to find wood for a project it can't be accessed. I will end up going to the wood store buying lumber for the project and as I make cutoffs they are piled on top of the wood pile. It is a never ending process. The good lumber keeps getting buried deeper and deeper under good wood cutoffs that are usually too small to use.

The plan is to have three wall shelfs and rid the floor of lumber giving room for the Mini-lathe to fit under the bottom shelf, Anything that does not fit the shelfs goes outside.

The bottom shelf will move up enough to fit the lathe under it and I expect there may be a vertical stack of the large and heavy lumber against the wall. Most of what is stacked around the shop and the covering cutoffs of the floor pile will go outside.

What ever, once the pile is worked down only special wood will be stored inside the shop and I will go to the wood store for project wood. My shop isn't big enough to have wood storage and machines, one has to go.

BTW, it is interesting what you find when moving the pile. One find is a 8/4 X 6"X5' hunk of Ebony. I can't remember what or why I bought it, anyway it sure is pretty and I expect cost a bit of change.



  1. Hum light work for your back heh? Take it easy....
    Wood storage always been a problem for me too, one-off these days i may get inspired and do something about it... but first, we nap :-)

    Bob, exhausted from playing with Rudy and the grand-peanuts :-)

  2. Bob,

    Mostly light work :-). I've put MsBubba to work helping. My goal is to almost eliminate in shop stored wood. I hate to think how much money is stacked along the shop wall that is unusable and taking up too much real estate.

    Naps are good. I expect you are like me....can sleep anyplace and anytime after many years of training it come easy.


  3. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I have limited space for wood storage as well. It is just reaching the stage where I may end up buying stuff I don't really need to buy for the same reasons. I'm starting to think a bunch of small projects to use up small but good wood to sell on Etsy may be in order. Sincerely, Joe.

  4. Joe,

    That or burn, I know I hate to burn good wood and I can never look at cutoffs no matter how small without thinking of a reason to keep.