Thursday, October 26, 2017

Back From Mexico

We made it back from Rocky Point late yesterday afternoon. Waiting for me in the mail were two chisels from Bob B., one was a 16mm Marples and the other a Greenlee paring chisel. Thanks Bob.

The RV site has poor to no internet. It is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is of course you do not spend much time looking at the iPad, on the other hand you lose touch. If I missed replying to anyone, sorry but if it was important try again.

What a great trip, WX was perfect with warm to hot days and cool nights. The sea was perfect for swimming and kayaking and Sweet Maggie Dog learned a new trick. She will dig a rock up from under water and carry it to the shore, making a pile of rocks. If MsBubba throws one of the rocks back into the water she will fletch it and take to the pile. Here is a short video.

Made some new friends, a retired couple from San Diego and a couple from just down the road in Green Valley. I ate way too much and had a few beers and whisky's. Even better we left for home while wishing we could stay another day instead of being ready to come home.

While there we had two motorhome squawks fixed for $20 USD each. I expect the cost in the States would have been several hundred each. Even better we are home with zero squawks, that doesn't happen often. 

My back is ready to be lightly used so some shop time is going to happen. I expect small projects to start. The girl child wants a bath vanity like the one in our "off bath" and has sent the information I need to start. I expect that will be the next project.

I can't tell you what is is like to be mostly pain free for the first time in over a year. Thanks for all the well wishes,


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  1. Ken,

    Glad you're back and pain free. Just take it a little easy.