Friday, October 20, 2017

Going To Tucson's Beach

The motorhome is packed, the toad has the kayak on top and snorkel gear inside, all that is left to do is grab a couple of toothbrushes, hook the toad to the motorhome and we will rock and roll on down the road to Mexico for several days of relative debauchery. When you are our age putting two Splenda's in your morning tea counts as debauchery.

The dogs will swim their hearts out, MsBubba will walk the beach, I'll have my tamales for breakfast and depending on who parks next to us maybe make some new friends and tell a few "there I waz with one burning and one turning" stories. I may even have a single malt or two while watching the Brown Pelicans flying to roost at sunset.

We are going to be in Mexico for more than the weekend so the toad is going with us. Most of the time we never leave the RV park if staying for just a couple of days so the toad stays home.

The Reef (the RV park) has everything needed, a good Beach Sports Bar, a better than average Italian Restaurant, Roberto brings me tamales and breakfast tacos every morning, a propane delivery truck if I need gas, guys to wash and wax the motorhome for almost free, and best of all a parking spot on the beach not 100' from the sea. It doesn't get better. 

A photo from one of our trips:

See you guys next week,



  1. Oh, the debauchery!! I refused to go fake sugar, my last--well, one--vice, and just less. But, spicy food is finally turning killer. Burning with jealousy up here in the north rain forest.

  2. Im with Bruce, when it comes to food, I rather trust mother nature than man and have raw sugar, thank you. Debauchery, tst tst :-)

    Have fun, life is too short, use real sugar :-)

    Bob, scratching Rudy, back from outside. A tad nippy this AM

  3. Bruce,

    I know, the fake stuff sucks but.....

    It was a wonderful four or five days, I lost track so whatever. The only kinda downside was bad (no) internet but even that is in its own way good.

    One of the reasons I like going to MX is you can still get real food with the touch of the maker which is almost impossible in the States.


  4. Bob,

    What can I say, I can't (will not) drink tea with out sweetener, coffee yes but not tea. Still warm to hot here during the day but the evenings and nights are wonderfully cool and crisp.

    Sweet Maggie Dog learned a new trick on the trip, she digs large rocks off the sea floor and carries them to the shore where she puts the rocks in a pile. I have several videos I will see if blogger will let me post 'em.

    Dogs are wonderful, they teach you to live,