Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Working in the Shop

I started a small project this AM. To kill time while I couldn't work in the shop I watched several of Richard Maguire's videos. If you haven't watched any of the English Woodworker's videos you really should, Richard is a hoot and a good teacher.  One I really liked was the "Side Table" build. The part that hooked me was Ebonising the legs. That I have to try.

Anyway cutting to the chase, I'm building a similar side table but with a Cherry top and White Oak stretchers and legs. This morning I started prepping the stock and did the top glue up.

A couple of photos. Cutting White Oak for the legs:

Ripping the leg stock:

It felt good but no endurance, I needed a couple of breaks while ripping the legs.

And one of the top glue up:

As always, click 'em to big 'em.



  1. By the time you feel the pain... Go easy, there are always Richard's Re-Run on the net :-)

    Bob and his sidekick Rudy

  2. Bob,

    Yep....feel the pain, reschedule the surgery. I'm being very careful to only work within safe range of motion. The greater danger is in the honey do's where I'm not thinking and being careful.

    BTW, Richard really is fun watch and even better many times there are things that make me cock my head and ask "why I hadn't thought of that". I can't say that of most of the video hucksters even if they are interesting to watch.

    Hope things are going well for you and Rudy. Sam and Maggie are helping to keep me on some kind of "normal" schedule while Pat runs around the UK.

    A happy/sad tears in your eyes dog story:

    Take care,


  3. Not a clue why there are all the spaces /\0/\

  4. It must feel good to be making sawdust again. Just take it easy and ease into it.

  5. Thanks Ralph,

    Yes it does. I'm not sure I can handle retirement but finally being able to do light work in the shop is making this recovery period easier.