Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Slowly Working My Way Back

I'm working my way back into the shop. I can sharpen tools that just need a quick touchup and this morning I sawed a few pins and tails. No photos because I didn't finish 'em, just sawed to the line. Really did a good job, I expected a lot more "rust" but all the cuts were close to perfect. The best part was no pain but those are the easy jobs, planing the face of some White Oak or Maple is another story as is lifting a hunk of 8/4 anything. I expect it will be several more weeks before either is doable and that means several more weeks before I make anything other than maybe a small box or two out of softer wood like Walnut or Cherry.

All said though, it felt good, meet and right having a chisel and saw in hand. It has been too long.

A quick update on the motorhome, a reprint of a reply to Bob of "The Valley Woodworker". Bob suggested I establish my claim on motorhome real estate for a workbench and tool box early:

"I'm working on it, a smaller tool box (one I can lift) is being laid out as I type and a bench that will fit in the bed of the truck (the TOAD) is planned. Completion of both before next years Oregon trip. 

Of course all that assumes I'm still living, MsBubba is in the UK RVing around the country side with the kids and grandpeanut and no internet or phone service. While she saw and rode in the Motorhome the day before leaving she probably will not know she owns one before seeing it parked in the driveway. Sometimes it is better to ask forgiveness than know the rest.

BTW, I did my first overnight in the motorhome day before yesterday. The critters and I went to Deming NM, about 240 miles East on I-10 from Tucson, to have a steering stabilizer installed. I've only one thing to say, I should have bought a diesel pusher years ago instead of messing with TT and 5th wheels. Even with fuel cost I expect any trip longer than 200 miles will be done in the motorhome instead of the truck, it is that enjoyable an experience. BTW, on the trip to Deming the only thing missing was "Honey how about a coke and a samwitch" as we enjoyed the passing desert views."

Off to sit in the Simulator for a bit to see how the PT and recovery is coming along. I expect I will return to work around the middle of October either just before or just after the "Best of the Best" weekend.

BTW, the critters and I are going to make a Mexico run in Bubba1 as soon as I get the hard plates. Sea, sand, beer, tacos, and critters swimming, it doesn't get much better.



  1. Great to hear you got a little shop time and hopefully without pain. I didn't remember if your surgery shoulder was your dominant side or the other. I suspect if I ever tried to saw left-handed, things would end badly.

  2. Matt,

    Of course it was the dominant side :-). That was the bad news, the good is I'm reasonably comfortable using either hand. Stronger with the right but can do most things left handed.