Tuesday, September 06, 2016

PNW or Bust and Back

I started this post before leaving for the PNW but did not post. It was still on the  computer when we made it back home....Might as well finish and post it.

We, MsBubba, Sam the Wonder Dog, and Sweet Maggie Dog, and I will strap our butts to the Dodge and head NorthWest. There will be a couple of stops before our first sight of ocean but not long before mid 70 days and mid 60 nights.

Still no woodworking and weeks to go before iron meets wood but the recovery is going well.

A few images from pass trips:

The trip went well, only a few small problems with the RV and the truck, all easily fixed. Unlike last year when the 5th wheel hitch failed in Brookings, OR.

We tried doing it differently this year and made several stops and stays on the way up. While it worked OK it wasn't effective use of time, next year it will be my usual mode of driving hard and not staying anyplace until we are on the coast and the daily high is under 75F. 

This year's trip revolved around Fort Bragg, CA. Fort Bragg was the first coastal stop and stay and the last after moving North along the coast into Oregon before returning to Fort Bragg.

Pulling a RV is always slow going and this trip is more so because California has a 55mph speed limit for anything pulling a trailer and most of the miles are in CA. BTW, CA roads are in bad shape, the roads in LA are unbelievable.

Ft. Bragg to Tucson is a little over 1000 miles and should take around 16 hours of driving. I've done several Saddle Sore 1000's on the bike all in less than 17 hours total start to finish. With the RV, Ft. Bragg to Indio, CA was 16 hours. 

We shut it down and spent the night in the Indio, CA Walmart's parking lot. I hate Walmart but it sure is nice of 'em to allow RV'ers to park overnight. After an early start and another 8 hours of driving we arrived home yesterday afternoon around 1400. For a total door to door, Ft. Bragg, CA to Casa Chaos AZ of 32 hours

I see the Doc today. I hope he gives the OK to start woodworking and maybe even go back to the day job.


  1. I'll keep happy thoughts about the return to woodworking.

  2. Careful with that shoulder if you get back to ww. There might be some (extensive?) rehab in your immediate future. Did you get a chance to stop by any woodworking places in Ft. Bragg? If I'm not mistaken, that's where Krenov started the ww program at College of the Redwoods. Ron Hock's place is up there, too.

  3. Thanks Ralph,

    I'm going for a cup of coffee in a couple, then to the shop for the first time to....wait for it....sharpen some iron.

    I've three new JNats to try. It has been killing me, the new JNats have been setting on the shelf for weeks now with out touching iron.

    BTW your crib looks great.


  4. Matt,

    The Doc warned me yesterday to be careful, that the recovery is going so well it can be tempting to overdo and damage the healing of the tendon. I figure good advice from both of you, the hard part is heeding it :-).

    One of the reasons we first stopped in Ft.Bragg several years ago was to check out the College of the Redwoods. It, Ft.Bragg, has ended up being one of our favorite places in the PNW and we return at least once most years. I'm thinking about taking a short course next summer in conjunction with our annual PNW trip.

    BTW, last year there was a show of student work in Mendocino. It had some very nice work but as expected there was still a very strong Krenov influence.


  5. Sound like a nice trip. I too somehow often managed to fit in woodworking related excursions into our trips :-)
    Heather broke some shouder tendons years ago, took f... Forever to heal, DO take it easy, it will take a long time to heal properly. She ended up selling her prized CF Martin guitar for an Ovation, it was the only body style she could accomodate after, without pain.

    Sharpening sound inoculous but it is repetitive mouvements, lots of them....easy....
    You should get yourselve an apprentices to take on all that drudgery work on for you:-)

    Bob and Rudy

  6. Bob,

    It, the shoulder, is starting to work OK, I have good range of motion with just slight discomfort near the extremes. Still little strength and I'm working very slowly on regaining that. The last thing I want is a do over.