Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tarantulas In The Kitchen

A mystery here in Casa Chaos. In the last week I've had two tarantulas taking a stroll across the kitchen floor. The first one was huge and black, this one was smaller (it's all relative) and brown. I've not a clue how or why they got in the kitchen. They are much to big to just work through a crack and too slow to dart in through a open door.

Anyway I'm getting pretty good using the metal strainer and cardboard to capture and release. I need to remember to take a photo if there is a next time.


  1. You should also tagged them so you will know if it is the same one that keep coming back :-)
    Coming thru from the garage? In some recent pics you had the garage oor opened.

    Next time remember to take a pic :-)

    Bob, who would not like Tarantulas in his kitchen...

  2. Bob,

    The two biggest problems with tarantulas are: MsBubba, if she had been home and walked in on a tarantula in the kitchen I'm not sure the house would still be standing and I know for sure I'd never her the end of it. The other is they really are harmless just like an armadillo but they can make you hurt yourself because they are big, hairy, and ugly. Armadillos are just ugly.

    I figured they got in the building through the garage but after the first one I've been careful to keep the door between the garage and house closed. Still that is the best bet.

    Now to train my big worthless dogs to be tarantula hunters which BTW ain't going to happen. Both times they gave the tarantulas the doggie equivalent of a yawn and nose poked me for a treat.


  3. Spiders large or small is definitely not my thing. And I am only referring to normal size spiders.
    Tarantulas on the other hand would be a straight horror to me, kind of like having flesh eating dinosaurs running around in the kitchen.

    I might over react, but I would most likely take a shovel and beat the living crap out of a spider that size - or run to one of my cars and seek cover.

    Jonas (with a hint of arachnophobia)