Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stuff Happens

I plugged in the glue pot, had a couple cups of coffee, had two big hairy dogs push me around the office before feeding 'em their Kibbles & Bits, even read a couple of emails while waiting for the glue to come to temperature. BTW, I wasn't worried about the glue up, the stool had been put together and taken apart several times to make sure every thing pulled up correctly and square.

Wrong Bubba, I brushed some glue on the tenons and the first slid home with just light pressure. The second, well you see the result, stopped about 4mm short. I gave the leg a tap, damn I should have known better, what can I say other than back to the wood pile.


  1. I hate it when that happens.

  2. Have you given any thoughts to gluing the split and shaving the offending tenon for round 2?

  3. Yes it pretty much sucks :-).


    Luckily I didn't take a hammer to it in a soul satisfying release of rage, there are advantages to being older than dirt. This morning I poured a good amount of glue into the split brushed glue on the tails and pins and knocked it all together. I've some clamps across the split leg to add pressure to the split. I will add a couple of metal straps. I expect it will make a functional stool for either my or MsOK's shop.

    I'm digging through the wood pile to find another board, I'm almost out of Red Oak and White Oak but I think there is a Honey Locus board in there that is wide enough. I know I have some Cherry, Beech, or Sepele but I'd rather it be a little more rustic.

    I need to get you down here to wrap 'em, my wrapping tends to at best look like a 4 year old was turned loose with a roll of duct tape and some butcher paper.