Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SPLOMLWMBO Will Fly Home Tomorrow

MsOK comes home tomorrow, then on the 21st. we will drive to Mexico to celebrate TMIDOTY (the most important day of the year), her birthday on the 22nd.

I've made a small painted box to hold her birthday camcorder. I hate paint, I should never be allowed within several miles of a paint brush and/or a pot of paint but a painted box was requested. With an oil finish I can knock one of these boxes out in a couple or three hours and that includes tea breaks. This painted one took three days and because of the paint it would need to be classified as a "second". The good news she will not notice and I followed orders. The red B-Day box is on the right, I had some scrap of the right size left over to make the pencil box on the left. The pencil box is waiting for the glue pot to warm up.

The Winter Solstices step stools are finished.

The pantry doors are still waiting on the last couple of coats of paint (see above). It has been too cold or raining when I've had time to paint....Who knows when they will be finished.

Even with working I've been reasonably productive while MsOK was gone, amazing how much time the old gal requires, she's worth it but with just me and the critters home we get a lot more done.

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  1. You better hope she doesn't read this or you'll have plenty of time after you get a bunk set up in the shop.