Saturday, December 06, 2014

Foot Stools

I found a nice piece of 250mm wide quarter sawn Red Oak the the other day for about $3 USD a BF. I wish I could have found more that wide but.....The board was perfect for building a couple of foot stools. Can you guess what the kids are getting for their Winter Solstice.

I've built this stool often, it's about as simple as a stool can be. A top, two side pieces, and a through mortice stretcher. It is strong, stable, and when made with Red Oak very attractive.

Here is one of the legs. I'm using a Koyamaichi #2 White Steel chisel to chop the waste, it doesn't get much better as the chisel takes and holds a great edge.

Top with one leg:

I used the Moxon for sawing and marking the tails and pins, while I'm not completely sold on the Moxon it did a pretty good job holding everything in place.


  1. I like the design, especially the wide half pins on the ends.

  2. Ralph,

    Thanks, the half pins will end up a little smaller on the finished stool because the legs will be relieved into the top so the bottoms are wider than the tops., but not by much. It is a fun build, nothing too difficult but with dovetails, through mortices and several curved edges, it touches most of the bases.