Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pencil Box From the Front

Here it is Ralph:

One more:


  1. I can't see it Ken - I'm at work now and I can read your post but I can't see any pics. I'll have to wait until I get home tonight to check it out. I was curious about what looked like a notch at the front from the first posted pic.

  2. Interesting. No mistaking that this is the end you open/close from. I might try this to see how it looks while I'm holding it.

  3. Ralph,

    The grove for the top needs to come through a tail or over the top of a half pin, I wanted a single tail on each end and a closed back. One answer was to make a thin half pin on the open end for the top to slide over and have it butt against the back. Then the question was where to stop the top and how to make the revel look right. I looked at several places to stop the top and about half way looked the best. The revel worked by having a 45 bevel all the way around the top.

    Make one and see what you think,