Tuesday, December 09, 2014

One Down

I finished the first of two step stools for the girl child and boy child's Winter Solstice gifts.  I've made a number of these stools, They are an easy build and make a strong step stool. The second is ready for some finish work with the plane and then glue up. I shouldn't celebrate too early 'cause stuff can still happen and I'm kinda like a government contractor, it's not often I finish a project on time and under bid.

The girl child has been married several years now and in fact the first grandkid is almost ready to pop and I still haven't finished her wedding present. I have an excuse, every time I settle on a design she changes her mind about what they will be doing and where they will live.

BTW, the pantry doors are still unpainted and unhung.  Days I could paint I'm working, days I'm off it's been too cold and/or too windy to paint. That's my story anyway.

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