Sunday, December 28, 2014

Small Projects

It has been cold here in the Old Pueblo, I know cry me a river and 30F to 50F isn't cold to most but damn it's cold. Because it's cold I've been working mostly with the shop closed up, that in turn means for the most part small projects. 

Here is a view of the bench in the middle of of a small box build and a picture frame glue up: 

The box is made of Spanish Cedar and will have a South American Walnut base with a Sepele top and finished with Tried and True. Spanish Cedar is really pretty but is very soft.  I expect this will not be a functional box but will look nice on the shelf.

We did a couple of days in Rocky Point, MX for MsOK's B-Day....As always when in Mexico I consumed way too much food and beer. The hotel and beach were nice and it was good to be out of town, even better to get back home. Love my critters and shop. 

Because we were out of town on the Solstice our annual necked dance around the Solstice Bonfire and burning of bad art/craft from the past year was put off a few days. Not only did I burn a few failed projects I rid the shop of lots of cutoffs. All in all a good Solstice Celebration. 

I've had one green eye and one red, stop/go/stop/go, over the new planes from Lee Valley, I've built one with a 55 degree frog and it's in my cart ready to check out but.....I know for $85 USD I can order a HAF for my LN #4 and that's the hold up. I know me and the question is: Would I take the time to change the frogs back and forth.....I expect the answer is no, that is the reason I have as many bench planes as I have instead of extra irons to change to when a different profile is needed. I might as well push the damn button.

Today is the last day before donning the monkey suit and effectively starting the new year. As I look back on the old year, it wasn't bad, let's hope the new is as good or better.  


  1. You won't do it Ken. I got the LN 4 1/2 and I bought the HAF for it thinking I would change it out as needed. Didn't happen, after the first change I never put the 45 degree frog back on.. I would rather have a multiple dedicated tools vice swapping out. Pull the trigger and empty the cart.

  2. Ralph,

    I love your sign, it's worth moving to a new house just to hang it by your shop's door.

    I'm still dithering. While I know, like you I wouldn't stop to change frogs, now the question is do I really want another plane in the shop. Because of a thread on one of the forums a couple or three days ago I counted my working bench planes. I came up with just over 40 sharp and fetted, ready to work bench planes. Of course I could sell or give away a few to make room for a new plane or two but some of 'em I've had for almost 40 years and the others have had a lot of time and/or money spent to make them work. Bottom line, I'll dither around until I have to pay shipping. Dumb but I am who I am.