Sunday, May 18, 2014


Summer is here early, it went over 100F yesterday. I have a swamp cooler in the shop and it will work to lower the shop temp 10 or so degrees until Monsoon season starts in July, but even with the cooler the amount of work that can be done in the afternoon is limited. Early morning is great and it isn't too bad after the sun goes down but mid afternoon you might as well give in and find a AC and something cool to drink. I was reminded of the facts of life in the desert yesterday as I finished up the step stool, I pushed a little hard as I was in the short rows and found myself getting the first symptoms heat injury. A short break with a couple of glasses of tea and remembering to turn on the swamp cooler took care of the problem. I love the desert, I love the heat but almost every year I have to be reminded to respect it.

BTW, with correct gear I can ride my motorcycle all day across the desert even as hot as 118F by using the same principals as the swam cooler. Only problem it's hard to get the swamp cooler to blow 85mph and still work in the shop :-).

I've been making this stool for awhile, it is sturdy and a easy build but also a good project to hone skills. Most I build out of Oak and finish with Tried and True and wax.


  1. I like the stool Ken. I can't tell by looking, but it appears that the ends are slightly rounded? Or am I looking at camera warping?

  2. Ralph,

    You are correct, the legs are wider than the top and are flared to meet the top. that way the base is not as likely to tip if you step on the edge. I may post another photo to show the flair.