Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LV Tapered Single Iron

I made a wood stock for the small LV tapered single iron. It sure makes it easy not having to chop a mortice for the chip breaker screw.

I made a plane using the large single iron several weeks ago, for how I use wood stock planes it was too big. This one at 48mm wide is just a couple of mm wider than the Hock double iron I usually use. Functionally not any real difference in size between the LV and the Hock iron. The LV is a little longer than I like but I can get use to it. I wish LV made a little smaller iron for making a "Block" plane sized wood stock.

Use will tell but it seems to hold the set better and is a little easier to fine tune the set.....Could just be first impression or wishful thinking. Did I mention how much easier the build is :-)?

The new LV irons are really flat, about three strokes on the 3mu diamond stone and the back was polished across the cutting edge. Three or four strokes on the "fine" diamond turned a burr on the bevel, a couple more on the 3mu to polish, a fast strop and the iron was ready to go. Not bad for a new out of the box iron. I'm use to irons taking an hour or more (sometimes days) getting prepped for first use, These new LV irons are the flattest I've found, I'm not sure what they changed but what ever they did it's working. 


  1. Hi Ken
    This plane looks like a japanese pull plane. Appears that it doesn't have problems making the fluffy stuff.

  2. Ralph,

    I settled on that shape long ago. For the way I use a wood stock plane, it works because it allows me to plane in either direction using one or both hands. And yep this one may be a good one, easy to adjust and holds its set.

    BTW, I must have twenty or more stocks that look just like this one, some bigger, some smaller, some with iron, some with out. Some of 'em work better than others, it's a fine line between a good one and one that is not. I keep a base set by the bench, two with narrow irons and short stocks, and three with 46-48mm iron and 200 to 300mm stocks. This one will be added.