Saturday, May 24, 2014

New Philly Plane Classic Smoother

I received my new Classic Smoother from Philly Plane a couple of days ago. As I was in the short rows of a tough week at work I didn't have time to try it out until this AM. The iron was in good shape, maybe 5 minutes on the back and much less on the bevel and it was ready to go.

First impression is:....This is a freaking work of art, almost too beautiful to use. In fact when I showed it to a friend his first response was " are not going to use it. Are you? It should go in a display cabinet." Of course my answer was I'm going to use it and in use it is very nice. It is easy to set with just light taps, it holds the set well, and it leaves a pristine surface. It's a keeper.

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