Saturday, May 31, 2014

Adult Supervision

The critters and I will have some adult supervision once more, my guess is it will be a good thing. A life of eating and drinking what you want when you want it and sleeping at odd hours can't be good for your soul. Well maybe good for your soul but not so good for the body. Anyway as I type or maybe that should be input this I have one eye on Flight Aware, she has just crossed into Oklahoma and should be landing just before 2200MST.

I've done a few crossings riding in steerage and it ain't no fun, it's so bad we had a rule "Business or Better" for any crossing. Especially if we were going to relive a crew or pick up an aircraft and had to fly the next day. Anyway I expect she will be knackered but too tired and wired to sleep.

I should get a few attaboys, the house is clean, the plants did not die, and I finished a little box, a step stool, and the TFH, and only a few new tools snuck into the shop while she was gone. Not too bad.

I've rough cut the girl child's hall table's legs but have been holding off rough cutting the aprons because I had a new bandsaw blade on order. It came today, maybe I can get the aprons rough cut tomorrow so everything can have a day or two to finish doing stupid wood tricks and I can finish her wedding present before their 4th anniversary. I wouldn't want to rush things.

One last look, she is crossing Amarillo and will soon be in New Mexico and headed down hill.


  1. I don't have any attaboys in petty cash at the moment. Will you take an IOU?

  2. Ralph,

    I don't know if she was just too tired to care but....I passed inspection last night.

    It's good to have the old Gal home, Sam the Wonder Dog was beside himself with joy. Of course that was before he found out it is bath time this AM.

    I'm spending the cool of the morning in the shop, once it warms up (expected to reach 106F today) we have a date for drinks in the pool.