Sunday, May 03, 2020

Table Test Fit

This really isn't a test fit other than the stretcher. I just wanted to get  rough idea of how the table will look once finished. BTW, I like.

Tomorrow I'll chop the final two mortises and make the associated wedges along with starting the slab glue up. Usually on large glue ups like this slab I will only glue two sticks at a time that means the slab glue up will likely take three days to finish. While the slab is being glued up I"ll clean up the base units and peg 'em. A week or so and this sucker will be finished, it is kinda nice to not have a day job.



  1. What is the dimension of the top stock? Do you have any plans to breadboard the ends or is to be a slab glue up?

  2. Ralph,

    The slab will be glued up from 8/4 Cherry. No breadboard at this time.

    I have a bottle of Tru-oil if you can't find one I'll drop it in the mail.


  3. It looks like the stretcher is centered? I don't like the look of high stretchers and I don't think they are stable with it that high too.
    I ordered it from Wally World. There is no rush on getting these planes rehabbed and I can wait on my oil to come in. I'll keep you in mind if I run into any hiccups with it coming.

    1. Ralph,

      The stretcher is slightly below center. I had MsBubba test drive it a couple of days ago to help place it. About the only thing I use Tru-oil for is tool handles and I'm not rust hunting. In fact I keep trying to rid myself of rust without much success.