Sunday, May 31, 2020

Fitting Slab to Base

I've moved to the back garden to fit the slab to the base. Mostly because I need the room to work. It is not as convenient as working in the shop but having room to move things as needed makes up for the need to find and move tools. Now it is time for the required praise of the portable Moravian bench, you have heard it before, bottom line it makes it possible. 

Working on the base:

From the other side showing the portable bench:

This part isn't difficult, just fiddly with doing a little, checking work, doing a little more, once close, moving the slab back and forth until the sucker is nailed.

I dropped one of my long levels this morning, the plastic was so old and brittle it broke in the middle. So far I'm getting along with out it but I may need a trip to the tool store before finishing.

The other hold up is it is only 0800 and I'm already sweating like a pig and needing breaks often. We had another Monsoon type storm last night with rain and very strong gusting winds. I expect the RH is high because my sweat is not drying quickly, instead it is getting on my glasses and in my eyes,

That is the bad news, the good is the sooner it is too hot to work outside I'll come in and make a Mincemeat pie. Then MsBubba and I will probably jump in the pool for a bit, mostly to clean up the mess that was blown into it last night and maybe have a drink or two. Life is good in the desert.



  1. It got into the 80's F here in RI the past few days. It broke today and it feels a lot nicer with cool weather (70's F). A small line level and straight board is a suitable substitute for the broken level.

    1. Ralph,

      I had two long levels, so far the one left is doing ok but it is nice to have the other. Next Home Depot trip I will replace.

      Monsoon usually doesn't start until mid-June but the last couple of days are typical of the Monsoon. There is good and bad with Monsoon. Some of the good is rain, not every place gets rain but over the season most will. The rains cool off large areas even if there is no rain. Some of the bad are flash floods, the storms can be violent with very heavy rain, strong winds, and micro-bursts. And last, Monsoon raises the RH and ends the "but it is a dry heat (Steve's "dry rain")". With higher RH we lose the night time cooling and our wonderful cool evening and mornings that make living in the desert so nice.

      Another good thing about Monsoon is in normal years it runs from mid-June to early September, keeping what in most places are the hottest months cooler. June is our normal hottest month of the year. This year all bets are off.


  2. Man, that is one beefy stretcher!

    I told my wife about the rains that don't reach the ground. Must have been the first she's ever heard of that!

  3. Matt,

    I don't plan on this sucker falling apart when I park the truck on it to change the oil. :-)

    It is common over the ocean, deserts, and even mountain ranges in the summer time.