Friday, May 08, 2020

Not Much Exciting

The last of the slab boards is waiting glue up. The stretcher tenon shoulders have been cleaned up and squared up. One foot has been cleaned up, one to go. Nothing too exciting or even photo worthy but things that have to be taken care of to finish the table. Shop is hot so I'm finished for the day, a whisky and maybe some time in the pool before dinner. Such is the life of a retired shelter in place guy and S.O..

BTW, we watched "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" last night. What a hoot, close ups of darting eyes, a story line that made little sense and bad history, and if IRC shot in Spain. I have to give MsBubba credit, she stuck it out to the end. Most of the time when we watch my nostalgia movies by mid movie she is out of there.

Be safe guys. We have idiots running most of the U.S. that on purpose or not are trying to kill us.


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